OOQE 2-in-1 USB Quick Charger

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The OOQE 2-in-1 USB Quick Charger is a handy quick charger with both a USB-C and USB-A input.

Thanks to the two different ports, it has maximum compatibility and you can use it to charge all your devices. It is also possible to charge two devices at the same time. It has the latest technology in fast charging and safety for you and your devices.


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You are assured of the fastest charging time thanks to the Quick Charge function and Intelligent Power Delivery

  • Quick Charge function: Delivers a power of no less than 20 watts
  • IPD (Intelligent Power Delivery) technology: Identifies the device you are charging and delivers the most effective charging speed. When you are charging two devices at the same time, the adapter calculates which device needs the most power. This way, every device is charged in the most optimal way.
  • 400% faster than normal chargers: Save up to 2 hours! With the OOQE 2-in-1 Quick Charger you can quickly charge a lot, even when you have little time:
  1. During coffee break (10 min): Normal charger ∼ 7% / OOQE Quick Charger ∼ 24%
  2. During breakfast (30 min): Normal charger ∼ 16% / OOQE Quick Charger ∼ 60%
  3. During school lesson (45 min): Normal charger ∼ 30% / OOQE Quick Charger ∼ 80%


Efficient & energy-saving thanks to innovative systems

  • Adaptive Charging technology: Adapts to the device you are charging. This way you have the fastest possible charging time and no energy is lost during charging.
  • Auto Stop function: The moment the device is charged, the charger detects it and stops charging. Unnecessary energy wastage and overcharging of the battery are thus prevented.
  • Efficient Charge function: Stable supply of power without energy loss.


Guarantees a long battery life of your devices

Overcharging is the primary cause of battery life getting shorter. Most fast chargers shorten the life of your devices because they deliver a high watt, which can lead to overcharging. The OOQE Quick Charger has 3 systems to prevent this. The Smart Charge function ensures that the power supply is stable. The Auto Stop function automatically stops charging when the device is fully charged. And thanks to the MaxiProtect system, overcharging is prevented because charging stops immediately when there is overcharging. These systems make an important contribution to the battery life of your devices compared to normal fast chargers.


Maximum compatibility: Suitable for all devices

This charger has a USB-C and USB-A input, making it suitable for all your devices and all brands. You don’t have to have a separate charger for different devices. For example, you can charge an Apple product and a Samsung product at the same time. You can also charge all types of devices super fast: smartphone, tablet, laptop, MacBook, wireless earbuds, speakers, smartwatches, WiFi devices, game consoles and much more.


Maximum safety for you and your devices (protection against overcharging and overheating)

  • MaxiProtect: Protection against short circuit, overcharging, overcurrent & overheating of your devices.
  • Auto Stop function: Charging stops immediately when the charging values are outside the normal range. Also, charging stops automatically when the device’s battery is fully charged.


Design for optimal ease of use

  • Charge 2 devices at the same time: Thanks to the two ports (USB-C and USB-A), it is possible to charge two different devices at the same time. Both ports have a Quick Charge function.
  • Compact and lightweight: You can take it anywhere, it fits in your pocket.
  • Ideal for holiday and travel: You don’t always have to take two chargers with you. With the OOQE Quick Charger you have 2 chargers for different devices in 1!


Free USB-C cable or Lightning cable of 1 meter included

  • The OOQE cable is robust, flexible and anti-breakage
  • It supports Quick Charge up to high wattage and is the perfect combination with your OOQE Quick Charger. The cable enables super fast and safe charging of your devices.
  • Sustainable design


9 reviews for OOQE 2-in-1 USB Quick Charger

  1. LEE

    Handy fast charger with two ports. Works well.

    (automatically translated)

  2. Firat Ozden

    Fast charger. Easy to use and two ports so you can charge two products

    (automatically translated)

  3. Annemarie

    Super fast. Works with all my devices.

    (automatically translated)

  4. Sahin

    Delivery fast and neatly packaged. It charges quickly, even two at the same time.

    (automatically translated)

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