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Most advanced portable bluetooth speaker from OOQE: Ideal for indoors & outdoors.

The OOQE PRO S9 is the latest and most advanced wireless bluetooth speaker from OOQE. It is packed with useful innovations and breakthrough technologies that enhance your listening pleasure, bass experience and ease of use. It has a modern, sleek and durable design and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Pioneering technologies and systems for an optimal listening experience

  • ClearTone® Technology: Advanced DSP and Audio Precision Adjustment function for a pure sound, large frequency range and a larger volume range.
  • 3D Full Surround: Multi directional sound for a balanced sound that goes on all directions and deeply penetrates into a large space. The sound is balanced and proportionally distributed in 360 degrees.
  • Extra large OOQE XXL EQU audio drivers (50mm) with 20 Watt power: Intense bass experience and powerful volume.
  • AirPress Ultrabass Radiator: Intense bass experience, large audio range of the bass and a high volume range.


Smart Energy Reduction® for an industry-leading energy efficiency

  • Advanced Battery Management System with Safe & Long Life function: Prevents energy waste during charging.
  • Built-in Class-G Power Amplifier for more energy efficiency. Prevents energy waste while playing.
  • AirPress® Technology: Use of the energy that is released from the vibrations of the drivers. These are passed on in the form of air pressure to the Ultrabass drivers.
  • Auto Power-Off: Switch off automatically when the speaker has not been used for more than 10 minutes.


Impressive battery life & fast charging time

  • 20 hours battery life thanks to strong Smart Energy Reduction® and strong battery
  • Battery power: 5200mAh
  • Fast Charger: Fast charging time, fully charged within 2-3 hours.


Advanced technology for wireless, fast and stable connection over a long distance

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip for a wireless, fast and stable connection.
  • Auto Synchronization function: Perfect timing and synchronization between image and sound when watching video content.
  • Intelligent Connect: Automatic and direct connection to devices. You do not have to always manually establish the Bluetooth connection.
  • 20 meters operating distance thanks to strong antenna and bluetooth 5.2 chip.


Innovative systems for optimum ease of use

  • IPX7 Classification: Fully water and dust resistant
  • Twin Stereo Connect: Connect two speakers for more power and a bigger stereo experience: Soundbar, Party Speaker, Cinema Effect.
  • Works on all devices with Bluetooth function
  • Works on most devices without a Bluetooth function thanks to aux input and supplied aux cable. It is also possible to put in a memory card (Micro SD card/TF card).
  • Very suitable for weekend away, vacation or just outdoor use.
  • Ideal for indoor use (closed space)
  • 3 control options: 1. Coupled device 2. Buttons on the PRO S9 3. Voice Assistant


Built-in HD Noise Reduction microphone

  • Hands-free calls: Use as a speakerphone. The sound in the environment is filtered away.
  • Voice Assistant: Voice commands and listening to music without touching any buttons.


User-friendly, durable, compact and sleek design for a beautiful appearance, long lifetime and extra mobility

  • Modern, sleek and practical design: Beautiful appearance and practical design. Built-in hook where you can attach the included loop and hang it everywhere. Fits 1 hand and has extra grip thanks to silicone material.
  • Shock-resistant: It is surrounded by anti-shock silicone and has finished corners so that it does not break in case of a fall, bump or friction.
  • Built with the best quality water-repellent material: Can withstand moisture building and extreme temperatures.
  • Design makes it very suitable for traveling.
  • Compact and lightweight design (dimensions: 185*50*62mm, weight: 460 grams).


Specifications OOQE PRO S9

  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Listen time up to 20 hours (depending on file type and volume)
  • Operating distance: 20 meter
  • Charging time: Up to 3 hours
  • Frequency range: 65Hz – 20kHz
  • IPX7: Water and dust resistant
  • Speaker power: 20 Watt (2 x 10 Watt)
  • Dimensions: 185*50*62mm
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • Battery: 3600mAh


Package contents

  • OOQE PRO S9 speaker
  • OOQE luxury bag for storage and travel
  • USB-C charging cable
  • AUX cable for connection to devices without bluetooth
  • Loop that you can attach to the built-in hook
  • Digital manual


15 reviews for OOQE PRO S9

  1. Willem

    After I initially ordered separate speakers twice, they turned out not to match each other. After receiving an email, OOQE sent a new one within a few days. We now enjoy beautiful stereo sound from two PRO S9 speakers. Great service and really great sound for such speakers. Very satisfied!

    (automatically translated)

  2. Steven Steenbergen

    A very strong sound. It has a 20 watt power but thanks to the built-in bass radiator and build quality it really sounds like 40 watts. The clarity of the sound is tip top. Just a good speaker. It has its price tag but it is definitely worth it.

    (automatically translated)

  3. J hendrik

    Good speaker, nice device

    (automatically translated)

  4. Louis Hitz

    My JBL was much more expensive and barely better than this S9. It is a beautifully finished, handy device with excellent performance, good sound and a bizarrely long battery capacity. The luxurious box contains, among other things, a very usable cover. I am happy with this device.

    (automatically translated)

  5. Peter Simon

    I bought two together some months ago – but they never worked together. First one worked and the other one not, then one gave up, the other one still worked (OK, fine sound), now I can’t figure out how to make even one of them to work. The two seem to be coupled in a wrong way but the M button (to end coupling) doesn’t work. Both are useless pieces of furniture now. Completely useless.

    (automatically translated)

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