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The OOQE QCharge Pro is OOQE's most advanced 3-in-1 wireless charger. It is packed with the latest technology, has a multifunctional design and wide compatibility.

With the OOQE QCharge Pro you can charge your phones, earbuds and smartwatch at the same time. It enables super fast and safe wireless charging of multiple devices at the same time. In addition, it works energy efficient and guarantees maximum battery life of your devices. The design is compact, foldable and magnetic for maximum convenience!


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Latest technology in wireless charging: Enables super fast and energy efficient charging of various devices

  • Quick Charge station with a super fast charging time for your phone thanks to innovative technologies:
  1. Quick Charge function: Delivers a wireless power of no less than 15 Watt.
  2. Intelligent Power Delivery technology: Identifies the device you are charging and delivers the optimal charging speed. This system also ensures that the device that needs the most power also gets it.
  3. Magnetic charging: The magnetic rings ensure that your mobile phone sits firmly and has a seamless connection with the station. Thanks to the perfect connection, this results in an even faster charging time.
  • Adaptive Charge station: The Adaptive Charge station is ideal for charging your wireless earbuds or your second smartphone. Different power is supplied for both devices.
  • Watch Charge station: Here you can charge your Apple Watch. It is possible to charge the Watch flat or by clicking the designated compartment up and charging the Watch standing up. Thanks to the design, you immediately have the correct positioning of the Watch and you don’t have to figure it out yourself. (Note: only suitable for the Apple Watch)


Designed for maximum ease of use

  • One charger, three devices: Possibility to wirelessly charge your mobile phone, wireless earbuds and smartwatch at the same time. You don’t need a charger for every device and you don’t have to mess around with different chargers and cables. It is also possible to charge 2 mobile phones wirelessly at the same time and a smartwatch.
  • Anti-Shock silicone: Thanks to the special silicone material, the QCharge Pro is drop and impact resistant. You don’t have to worry about plastic breaking or screws falling out. It is built from the best quality material.
  • Ideal for travel and holidays: It has a compact, lightweight and portable design. Fold it up and take it with you everywhere! The QCharge Pro literally fits in your pocket and in one hand! It also takes up little space in your suitcase, handbag or backpack. Thanks to the special anti-shock material, it does not break easily. Another advantage is that you don’t have to carry different chargers for all your devices. The QCharge Pro charges all your devices at the same time!
  • Foldable multi-dimensional design with 3 possible positions:
  1. Triangular position: Both horizontal and vertical placement is possible. This way you can continue to use your phone while charging. In this position you have easy access to your camera, messages, video calling and hands-free calling.
  2. Compact position: In this position, the charger is super compact and takes up very little space!
  3. Flat position: You can charge 3 devices at the same time. Super thin design and easy to use.
  • LED light as an indicator for the charging status: The LED light keeps you informed of the charging status.
  • Protective case friendly: You can also charge without removing your protective case.


Total protection for you and your devices & energy efficient

  • Intelligent MaxiProtect chip: This is a safety technology that offers a maximum range of protection. It protects against overcharging, overheating, overcurrent, high temperature and short circuit. When these values go outside the normal range, it is automatically detected and charging stops. This way, any damage to your devices is completely prevented.
  • Auto Protection Stop: Unknown devices are automatically detected and the power supply is stopped when detected. Also, charging will stop automatically when devices are fully charged. Therefore it is not only safe to use but also energy efficient.
  • Efficient Charge function: Thanks to the Efficient Charge function, there is a stable supply of power so that devices are charged in the most efficient way. This makes the QCharge Pro energy efficient because no power is lost during charging.
  • Maximum battery life of your devices: Most (fast) chargers shorten the life of your devices, because high power can lead to overcharging. The OOQE QCharge Pro has 3 systems that guarantee maximum battery life of your devices: The Efficient Charge function, Intelligent MaxiProtect and Auto Protection Stop. These systems prevent overcharging and provide the exact stable power your devices need.


Wide Universal Compatibility

  • Charges all phones and wireless earbuds with wireless charging function
  • Supports Qi Standard for wireless charging


Free OOQE USB-C to USB-C cable included

  • The OOQE USB-C cable is robust, flexible and anti-breakage
  • It supports Quick Charge up to high wattage
  • Sustainable design


Note: The magnetic function is compatible with iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9 and newer models.


Comparison between the QCharge models

Specifications Basic Plus Pro
15 Watt power
Quick Charge
IPD technology
Efficient Charge function
Anti-Shock silicone
Case friendly
LED charging status indicator
Auto Protection Stop


Package contents

  • OOQE QCharge Pro 3-in-1 wireless charger
  • OOQE USB-C to USB-C charging cable of 1 meter
  • Digital manual


Instruction manual

OOQE QCharge Pro instruction manual


8 reviews for OOQE QCharge Pro

  1. S v G

    Works quickly for my cellphone and earbuds. It is less fast for the Apple Watch. It also looks good. The magnets work well. You can fold it up and make it very small.

    (automatically translated)

  2. Senn

    Works well for my phone and earbuds. Design is nice

    (automatically translated)

  3. de Graaf

    Good charger, very handy and takes up little space.

    (automatically translated)

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