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The OOQE Watch CS Plus is a stylish watch that can be worn both neatly and sportily. It has many personal assistance functions that make daily life easier. The OOQE Watch CS Plus is packed with sensors and functions to manage your health, sports activities and weight.


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Make your daily life more organized, save time and have fun

  • View messages instantly: Never miss an important message or call. You receive messages from WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, news, calendar and all apps of your choice. Select yourself from which apps you do or do not want to receive messages.
  • OOQE Player: Control your music with the Watch
  • Health Reminders: Need extra motivation to live a healthier life? You can set certain health reminders and indicate how often you want to receive them each day. This way you will never forget them again.
  • View the weather forecast: See the weather forecast of the day and the coming week directly on the watch.
  • Camera Control: It is possible to take pictures remotely through the watch.
  • Set 3 alarm moments: Don’t worry, the watch will make sure you don’t forget these moments.
  • Vibrate function/Do not disturb mode/Energy saving mode/Brightness adjustment


Helps you manage your health

The OOQE Watch CS Plus contains sensors and programs to make a timely and accurate measurement of your health.

  • Heart Rate Monitor / Blood Pressure Monitor / Oxygen Monitor: The measurements are performed by the built-in sensors. Read straight away what your values are and whether they represent a healthy value.
  • Sleep analysis: In-depth analysis of the quality and depth of your sleep. You can read exactly how long and deep your sleep was and get a sleep score. The sleep score indicates how good the quality of your sleep was. All past sleep scores are stored so that you gain insight into progress.
  • Stress monitor: The watch helps you monitor your stress through, among other things, a breathing guidance function.


OOQE Sports & Weight management®

Manage your sports activities & weight. The OOQE Watch CS Plus has useful apps to make an accurate analysis of your daily (sports) activities.

  • Sports App: Via the Sports App you get access to 40 sports programs! These sports programs provide the important statistics and measurements of your sports activity.
  • Sports Intensity Meter: An innovative meter that measures the intensity of your sports activity. This way you know during exercise whether you should train harder or more slowly. The measurement is performed using the built-in heart rate monitor and motion sensor.
  • Setting Sports Goals: Need extra motivation to exercise? Set sports goals in the Sports App and try to achieve them.
  • Complete Activity Tracker: The built-in activity tracker has a daily pedometer, calorie consumption meter and distance measurement. You can also read how well you are doing compared to the population. All these important daily statistics are stored and can be viewed at any time.
  • Stopwatch and Timer: Use the stopwatch and timer for running sessions and to see how long it takes you to complete a certain route/lap.


Unprecedented ease of use

The watch has a large High Definition screen of no less than 43mm. This means that the image is razor-sharp, clear and perfectly readable. Thanks to the TFT technology, the colors are extra vivid, sharp and with high contrasts. You can adjust the brightness of the screen yourself. The entire screen has Sensitive Touch Control, a technology where the touch control is very smooth and fluid. The image does not stutter and responds immediately to touches. So no irritation! It is easy to use and even suitable for people with little knowledge of technology and smart devices.


Trendy, sleek and skin-friendly design with 100+ dials and personalization

The OOQE Watch CS Plus has been developed according to the latest smartwatch trends with a beautiful, simplistic, thin and sleek design. It is both sporty and neat. The watch is lightweight (only 28 grams). This makes it ideal for long-term and intensive use. With a wide choice of 100+ dials you can give your watch a different look every day. It is also possible to personalize the dial and background. Choose your favorite photo on your smartphone and create your own background!


5 reviews for OOQE WATCH CS PLUS

  1. Nicky

    Many useful functions, easy to use and comfortable. Battery also lasts quite a long time.

    (automatically translated)

  2. Ti.

    Works well. Nice big clear screen. Coupling runs smoothly. Many useful options.

    (automatically translated)

  3. SAZ

    Handy smartwatch. I did have problems with the app in the beginning. The connection was difficult. The watch itself is beautiful and so are the functions.

    (automatically translated)

  4. Tobias Duinkerken

    Very nice and lots of features for the price

    (automatically translated)

  5. Giel

    Beautiful watch with nice functions. Wearing comfort is good.

    (automatically translated)

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