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The OOQE Watch Pro 7 is the latest smartwatch in the rectangular Watch series. It's a stylish watch with many functions and advanced technological innovations.

The watch is an improvement on its predecessors in many ways. It has more functions, dials, sports programs, menu views, operating options, a renewed Bluetooth chip and much more. In addition to the Touch Control, you can now also operate the watch with the rotatable button. It has a built-in HD microphone and built-in speaker. This allows you to make calls on the watch, listen to music and use the watch as a remote control. It's packed with groundbreaking technological innovations, sensors and functions to manage your health, sports activities and weight. The Watch Pro 7 is designed to simplify your life, improve your health and save time in a stylish way.


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OOQE Personal Assistance® Features

Make your daily life more organized, save time, achieve your goals and have fun.

  • Make and receive calls with the Call Plus function: Thanks to the Call Plus function, you can make and receive calls on the watch. It has a built-in HD microphone that makes your voice always come across crystal clear. The built-in OOQE speakers ensure that the other party’s voice also sounds clear. Import your favorite contacts and call them directly on the watch without using your phone. It is also possible to enter the numbers manually via the touch control keypad and to call your contacts directly via the voice command function.
  • Voice command: Save a lot of time by carrying out important commands quickly by talking to your watch. This way you can directly call your contacts, navigate, play music lists and much more.
  • View messages instantly: Never miss an important message or call. You receive messages from WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, news, calendar and all apps of your choice. Select yourself from which apps you do or do not want to receive messages.
  • OOQE Player Plus: Listen to music on the watch or use the watch as a remote control for your devices:
  1. Listening to music: Play your music/audio on the watch via the OOQE Player. The built-in speakers are positioned in such a way that the sound is distributed in all directions. This way you get the most out of a small speaker.
  2. Control your devices: You can also choose to use the OOQE Player as a remote control to control the audio from your smartphone and other devices (speaker, wireless earbuds, etc.). This way you don’t have to take out your phone when you’re wearing your earbuds during sports or when you’re listening to music on your speaker. Very handy!
  • Personal Coach features: Set goals for your health, sports and daily activities. In this way, the watch works as a personal coach that motivates you to achieve your goals. You can set health reminders where the watch reminds you of your goals at the desired frequency. It is also possible to set calorie, sports and daily activity goals and try to achieve them.
  • Find my phone/smartwatch function: Lost your phone? Don’t panic. Press ‘find my phone’ on the watch and your phone will now play a loud sound and start vibrating. Lost your smartwatch? That’s no problem either. You can press ‘find my smartwatch’ on your phone so that your smartwatch will play a sound and start vibrating.
  • SOS emergency function: In an emergency, you don’t always have the option to pick up your phone. By pressing the button on the smartwatch 5 times, the emergency number is automatically called. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can also talk via the smartwatch.
  • Calculator: Need to calculate something quickly? No problem, the watch has a built-in calculator.
  • View the weather forecast: See the weather forecast of the day and the coming week directly on the watch.
  • Camera Control: It is possible to take pictures remotely through the watch.
  • Play a game: Are you bored? Play a game.
  • Set 3 alarm moments: Don’t worry, the watch will make sure you don’t forget these moments.


OOQE 24/7 Health, Stress & Sleep Management® Features

Helps you manage your health, stress and sleep. The OOQE Watch Pro 7 contains powerful sensors and programs to make timely and accurate measurement of your health.

  • Heart Rate Monitor / Blood Pressure Monitor / Oxygen Monitor: The measurements are performed by the built-in sensors. Read straight away what your values are and whether they represent a healthy value.
  • Sleep analysis: In-depth analysis of the quality and depth of your sleep. You can read exactly how long and deep your sleep was and get a sleep score. The sleep score indicates how good the quality of your sleep was. All past sleep scores are stored so that you gain insight into progress.
  • Stress/Sleep Management: The watch helps you monitor your stress with, among other things, a breathing guidance function to reduce stress and fall asleep faster. Via the app you have access to numerous programs that help you relax and reduce stress. For example, you can enjoy soothing sounds such as the relaxing sound of the sea or another soothing sound that comes from the watch. Furthermore you can see exactly when you have to breathe in and out. In this way, your body comes to rest. You can also choose from programs that improve sleep.
  • Health Analyzer: Thanks to the Health Analyzer function, all health measurements are converted into a bar graph, so you can see your progress at a glance. The measurements are saved both on the watch and in the app. Not one measurement is lost; all measurements taken are saved with the time and date. This way you can always effectively monitor your health.


OOQE Sports & Weight Management® Features

Manage your sports activities & weight. The OOQE Watch Pro 7 has many useful apps and countless functions to make an accurate analysis of your daily (sports) activities and calorie consumption.

  • Sports App: Via the Sports App you get access to 100+ sports programs! These sports programs provide the important statistics and measurements of your sports activity. This gives you insight into the number of calories consumed, distance traveled, pace, speed and blood pressure during your sports activity.
  • Sports Intensity Meter: An innovative meter that measures the intensity of your sports activity. This way you know during exercise whether you should train harder or more slowly. The measurement is performed using the built-in heart rate monitor and motion sensor.
  • Sports Analyzer: Your sports session is thoroughly analyzed and stored. You can find all sessions. Are you curious whether your sports performance is improving and you are achieving your goals? Consult the Sports Analyzer.
  • Setting Sports Goals: Need extra motivation to exercise? Set sports goals in the Sports App and try to achieve them.
  • Complete Activity Tracker: The built-in activity tracker has a daily pedometer, calorie consumption meter and distance measurement. You can also read how well you are doing compared to the population. All these important daily statistics are stored and can be viewed at any time.
  • Fitness programs: Through the app you have access to numerous fitness programs. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, there are fitness programs for every goal that help you achieve it.
  • GPS link: Turn on the GPS via the app for all your outdoor activities. This way you get real time data. View the route of your running/walking session here.
  • Stopwatch and Timer: Use the stopwatch and timer for running sessions and to see how long it takes you to complete a certain route/lap.


Large HD screen and latest technology for greater ease of use

Ease of use, image resolution and product quality are even better with the OOQE Watch Pro 7. You can now also set everything to personal preference.

  • HD screen with TFT technology: The watch has a large High Definition screen of no less than 42mm. This means that the image is razor-sharp, clear and perfectly readable. Thanks to the TFT technology, the colours are extra vivid, sharp and with high contrasts.
  • Touch operation + operation via the rotatable button: The entire screen has touch operation with Sensitive Touch Control, a technology where the touch operation is very smooth and fluid. The screen does not falter and responds directly to touches. So no irritation. You can now also operate the watch via the rotatable button. Convenient!
  • Renewed Bluetooth 5.3 for a stable connection over a long distance: The watch is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which ensures a very stable and fast connection with your smartphone. With this latest chip, the operating distance is now even longer!
  • Smart Sensor: The built-in Smart Sensor automatically switches on the screen when you raise your wrist to look at your watch. You can also switch the Smart Sensor on and off yourself. For example, do you sleep with the watch on? Then you can switch off the Smart Sensor to prevent the screen from turning on and disturbing your sleep.
  • 5 types of menu views: The watch has a clear menu where you can choose how the apps and functions are displayed. The Watch Pro 7 has no fewer than 5 menu views. Choose which one you find most useful!
  • Sleep mode/battery saving mode: You can now also turn on sleep mode. This way, calls and notifications are muted so that you are not bothered by them. With the battery saving mode, the battery life of the smartwatch increases significantly.
  • Adjust to personal preference: Adjust everything on the watch to personal preference! You can adjust the screen time-out time, brightness, vibration function (also the intensity), phone function, speaker function, Smart Sensor, sound and much more to personal preference.
  • Watch and app in your own language: The watch and the free app are available in your own language. It is therefore easy to use and even suitable for people with little knowledge of technology and smart devices.
  • Large letters and clear readability: The OOQE Watch Pro 7 uses large letters. Thanks to the HD screen in combination with the large letters, it is clearly readable for everyone.


Trendy, ergonomic and skin-friendly design with 200+ dials and personalization

The OOQE Watch Pro 7 is designed according to the latest smartwatch trends with a beautiful, simplistic, thin and sleek design. It can be worn with all types of clothing, whether it is neat or sporty. The watch is lightweight (only 34 grams) and has an ergonomic, skin-friendly and water-repellent strap. This makes it ideal for long-term and intensive use. With a wide choice of 200+ dials, you can give your watch a different look every day. It is also possible to personalize the dial and background. Choose your favorite photo on your smartphone and make your own background!


Robust: Scratch, crack and water resistant with an extra long battery life

The battery life of the OOQE Watch Pro 7 is no less than 9 days. The Smart Energy Reduction function ensures an economical consumption of energy. To save even more energy, you can choose the battery saving mode. The OOQE magnetic Fastcharger fully charges the watch in about 1.5 hours. The watch is water resistant and has a 2.5D glass, which makes it scratch and crack resistant. It is made from the best quality materials and will last for years without losing any of its appearance.


Package contents

  • OOQE WATCH PRO 7 Smartwatch
  • OOQE WATCH PRO 7 watch strap
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • OOQE waterproof luxury bag
  • OOQE microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Digital manual


15 reviews for OOQE WATCH PRO 7

  1. Simon

    Nice design and many possibilities. Only have this for a week and every day I discover new fun things.

    (automatically translated)

  2. FREDB

    I have the watch pro 6, which I am very happy with, and now the watch pro 7. This is also a beautiful smartwatch I must say. In terms of appearance, both sporty and neat to wear. It has all kinds of extra functions such as calling, importing contacts, voice control, SOS function etc. Very nice watch with many functions. So far very satisfied.

    (automatically translated)

  3. Natascha

    Fast delivery of this beautiful and fantastic watch. I can keep track of my health, messages and so on. Thank you for this watch.

    (automatically translated)

  4. Pim

    Lots of useful features and looks good. I wear it pretty much every day now 🙂

    (automatically translated)


    Nice watch with numerous possibilities. It receives apps, emails, phone calls. You can not only answer and hang up with the smartwatch but also talk. Furthermore, it has complete functions for health, sports and daily activities. All round very good smartwatch and for me the best in the price category.

    (automatically translated)

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