1. Product information and prices.
All prices on our website are in euros and include VAT. Actions cannot be combined. So you can use one promotion while ordering.

2. Confirmation
If you have entered your e-mail address correctly, you will receive an e-mail from us after your order. In this e-mail you can find information about the products, prices, amounts and chosen payment method with your order.

3. Delivery of your order
Your order will be shipped with DPD. We aim to deliver your order within 1 working day after payment has been received by us. There may be a delay due to factors beyond our control. Think, for example, of problems at the bank or the product not being in stock.

4. Returning your order
Orders placed via our website can be returned within 14 working days. You are responsible for the shipping costs of this yourself. The 14 working days start when you have received the order at home. The order must be undamaged.

If your order is already damaged before delivery, we ask you to let us know within 3 working days via our email address info@ooqe.nl. State your name, order number and a description of the damage. We will contact you within 2 working days for the settlement. Used products are not taken back.

5. Payment Terms
You must make the payment before your order is shipped. After we have received your payment, the shipping procedure will start. Payment methods you can choose from: Visa Mastercard, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

If within the warranty period the product no longer functions properly due to the product itself, you are entitled to warranty.

When do you have no warranty?
If within the warranty period the malfunction of the product is not due to the product itself, but has another cause. You can think of fall and impact damage, sand damage, water and moisture damage, etc.